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Experienced Astrologer in Delhi


P. Kumar Pandey is the head of the institute of Indian Vedic Astrology, Acharya ji is his well known name in the field of astrology. Have understanding of various disciplines of astrology. Acharya ji has been working in the field of astrology since 1949 and his articles are being circulated in the major journals of astrology, Vedic astrology questions, why astrology and Vastu and why is Manglik in marriage - Acharya ji has mastered all the disciplines. People have been studying astrology for a long time, countries keep solving people abroad, with astrology having Vastu, palmistry, horoscope matching and different types of astrological knowledge.

Acharya ji's research in astrology is also noteworthy, in astrology, you get 100% result in predictions and countries keep predicting tomorrow.

There has been a lot of praise in the field of astrology education and the article by Acharya Pandey about the horoscope matching marriage remedy, Ratna and Rudraksha.

(Astrology) Astrology is a science. It has nothing to do with Tantra. Knowledge depends on you how you see astrology. There is also a description of mantra, yantra, and gemstone in astrology, such as when to worship which machine. This can be ascertained from the study of the horoscope, in the same way which gemstone should be given to which person or when should wear Rudraksha, such an article has been written prominently by Shri Acharya ji. Acharyaji's Guru was a scholar in Vedic astrology, from his Aasheerabad, Acharya studied astrology, the importance of calculation in astrology. Special love counseling through astrology. Each person in the family can understand the truth about their life, past, present and future, which path each of them is following. They are facing problems with employment or they are worried that the job they are currently in is not suitable for them. The purpose of the service is to provide the person with a horoscope analysis that describes him / her career. Vastu expert knows about a house just by looking at it. The Vastu services offered by them are tens and cater to each small sector or a large multinational corporation. Those who are concerned about choosing from the available options, what to choose after 12th, or which stream to choose-all of them can be asked the best astrologer for education in astrology counseling. You will be able to see what problems are happening in your health and the changes you can adopt to overcome the remedies you can suggest. Man has always been hopeful to know the future, there remains equal apprehension about unknown future in his mind. He thinks that what I'm currently working on And on whom I have been putting labor, intelligence and money for all my life, lest I should be able to succeed in my efforts in future and thinking like that, he is scared of unknown fears. Your problem does not always come. Religion solves the problem with meditation and you get definite success with the solution given by your problem teacher.


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