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Saturn, the lord of Capricorn, will be sitting in 12th position from your zodiac at the beginning of 2020. Which shows that the expenses problems that had arisen for you in the previous year, are also making useless expenses for you at the beginning of this year. Within the Capricorn year horoscope 2020, the five planets together in 12th position from your zodiac sign may cause some problems for you. But it also has its benefits if you do business then you will get a chance to increase your trade with foreign countries at this time. You can get success in the field of import-export.

Traveling abroad or going away from birthplace are also possible for you. Being in the benefic place of Mars in Capricorn 2020 will give you the power to fight every problem. This year the first phase of Saturn's Sathesati on your zodiac sign will end. Which will give you a lot of relief.

In the year horoscope 2020, Saturn will change its zodiac sign on January 24 and will enter your zodiac sign. The presence of Saturn in self-respect will make Shani Maha Yoga for you. Which will see a very good change in your work position.

On 30 March, the master will change your zodiac sign and will come to your own zodiac. Which is also the low zodiac sign of Jupiter. The master of low zodiac is not considered auspicious, but Saturn is already in your zodiac sign, which is of swarashi. Transit of Jupiter with them makes the lowly Raja Yoga. Its benefits will help you in your physical abilities, in your plans, money, dignity, and to increase your status among relatives. You will see positive changes in them.

On May 11, Saturn is retrograde in your own zodiac, whose effect will be visible to you. This can cause distaste in the workplace. There may be some changes in your field of work, such as a relocation. Because the location of your horoscope can also be changed. At this time you need to be careful with your enemies.

On 14 May, Guru will be sold. After the curve, the influence of Guru is distributed in every area, which is expected to slow down your work speed. But you start seeing benefits in different areas apart from the field.

On June 30, Guru will again move from your zodiac to 12th position. So that the work which you were not able to do for some time, you will be able to do it again. A new vision can also be formed by having the fifth sight at the place of home.

Your plans for the future will begin to be formed due to the passage of the Guru on 13 September. A new confidence will also be born in you.

On September 23, Rahu will be located at the fifth place from your zodiac sign. Rahu in fifth place can make you a bit nervous and confused. Rahu is considered to be in Taurus. Its high impact will also increase your honor. But you will have to work hard to get this honor. The year 2020 is going to be good for education and children with the influence of Rahu. Especially women who are planning for children, they need to take special care of themselves. Children should chant the Gopal Mantra regularly. So that the children to come are also virtuous and healthy. You can also consult well-known astrologers from all over the country.

Ketu will also change the zodiac this year. But at the beginning of the year, 12th from your zodiac sign will be located with four planets. Therefore, from time to time, the sense of faith in you will be very strong and sometimes atheism can increase, but Ketu's 12th position is going to be good for you in some ways. After the transformation of Ketu, Ketu will come to your profit location. Ketu of benefic place is considered auspicious and it will come in Scorpio in its highly considered zodiac anyway. The result of which you will get like Mars.

Saturn will be retrograde on September 29 in 2020, the horoscope of Capricorn. Which will help you to increase physical strength, strength for your field. Even good money will be made for you. In this time you can invest in schemes like share marketing etc. Benefit will be received.

On November 20, after changing the zodiac sign of Guru and coming to Capricorn again, you will be able to make your work with your full energy. With this, the dream seen in the past will also appear to be coming true.

At the beginning of the year, Rahu will be sitting in the sixth position from your zodiac sign, which can cause some problems for you. Especially physical pain can be more. Back pain problems, joint pain problems, can cause cervicals. Enemies may also increase at this time. Having Rahu in the sixth position can make you work very hard in the competition. Especially students who are studying abroad. They will need to be a little conscious. Avoid bad company.

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