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The scripture that tells the past and future by reading palm lines is called palmistry. This art is very popular in India. The person who reads the hand lines is also called the palm reader, hand reader, palmist or palmist shastri. Pandits do this work in our country. This art is practiced in China, Egypt, Tibet, India and Europe. Maharishi Valmiki (who composed Ramayana in Sanskrit) wrote a few articles on the palm line. Those articles have been translated into English as "Teaching of Valmiki Maharshi on Mail Palmistry" which contains 576 verses. There are four types of hand lines. The line at the top is called the heart line, the line below it remains the brain line. The bottom line is called the lifeline and the line connecting the three lines is called the fate line. Seeing this, one is aware of the future and past.

- For women, the right hand refers to the fruit of birth and the left hand refers to the fruit of karma, while in men it is the reverse. In men, the left hand tells about the fruit of birth and the right hand tells about the fruit of karma.
- First of all one should try to identify the four major lines of his hand. It may happen that the fourth line is not there, but 3 must be shown.

Heart line
Brain line
Fate line (only few people are there)

1. Explanation of the heart line - The top line of the palm is called the heart line. It tells about the emotional state of the person, mental stability, love outlook, happiness, sorrow and heart health. We know many things from the design of the heart line. When the heart line starts just below the index finger and is the longest, then love is found in abundance in life.

If the heart line starts below the middle finger, then the person is selfish in terms of love. If this line starts from the middle then it means that such people fall in love easily. If this line is too short, it means that the person is less interested in love.

2. Brain line interpretation - The line with the second number from top to bottom is called the brain line. If the brain line is small, then the person only thinks about the daily achievements. He does not make long plans. If the brain line is long, then there is creativity inside the person.

If the brain line is very long, then the person is courageous and life is full of enthusiasm. If the brain line is wavy and zigzagged, then the memory of the person is small. If the brain line is thick and deep, then the person is a person of strong nature with clear thoughts.

3. Lifeline Explanation - The line at the bottom of the left hand side is called the lifeline. It starts near the ring and is in the shape of a bow that goes to the wrist. This line describes the health of the person. If the line starts near the thumb, the person often feels tired. If this line is curved then the person always feels energetic. If this line is long deep, then there is an attitude of enthusiasm in the person's life.

If this line is short and light, then the person repeatedly gets misled by the other. If this line is straight, it means that the person is very cautious in forming a relationship. If there are two to three lines along the life line, then there is a feeling of extra vitality inside that person.

4. Explanation of the fate line - The fate line is also called the line of destiny. The line shows how much success and failure a person will achieve in his life. This line is found in the hands of only a few people. If the fate line is straight and deep then the person is lucky. If this line is made twice, then it means that one will see many changes in his fortune and career.

If this line is connected to the lifeline then it means that the person is a self made man. Whatever success she has found on her own. Has not taken support from anyone. With this the person is ambitious. If the fate line is connected to the middle part of the life line, it means that the person sacrifices his own benefit for the interests of others.

All this information has been taken from many websites and educational sources from the internet. All the information in this article is for knowledge only. Do not use them yourself in your life. Seek advice and advice from a trained palmist.

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