'Holi' is a major festival of Indian society

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  • 'Holi' is a major festival of Indian society

'Holi' is a major festival of Indian society

22 Feb 2020


Holi is a famous festival in India, which is known worldwide today. It is mainly from India and Is celebrated in Nepal. Festival of Holi, Falgun Month full of colors resonating with the sound of Manjira, Dholak, Mridang K Purnima is celebrated. Like the month of March increases the excitement of Holi. Everyone in this festival Energy is seen, but on the occasion of Holi, we are the happiest, we have seen the children that colorful Put the pitcher on your chest, paint it all and loudly, "Holi hai". Are also.

Holi is the festival of Anandollas in Indian festivals. Like dancing-songs, laughter-joking, fun-and-devotion There is an opportunity to throw ideas out. This festival is celebrated on the Purnima of Falgun month. Of holi Many legends are associated with it. Holi is lit one night before Holi.

There is a legend for this that Prahlada's father, the demon Raj Hariyanakashipa, considered himself a god. They Vishnu was the ultimate antagonist, but Prahlada was a devotee of Vishnu. He prevented Prahlada from doing Vishnu devotion when he If not convinced, he tried to kill them several times.

Prahlada's father asked for help from his sister Holika if fed. Holika to assist her brother Was ready for Holika had the boon of not burning in the fire, so Holika was in the funeral pyre about Prahlada. Prahlad remained safe by the grace of Vishnu and Holika was consumed by burning.

This story indicates that good must prevail over evil. Holi on Poornima even today They burn, and the next day everyone puts gulal, abir and different colors on each other. This festival colors Is a festival of

On this day, people wake up in the morning and go to the homes of their relatives and friends with colors and with them Play Holi fiercely. This festival holds special significance for children. That one day already from the market They bring different types of squirrels and balloons for themselves.

Children enjoy Holi with their friends with balloons and squirrels. All people forget each other Let's embrace each other. Women make sweets, gujis, etc. in the house a day in advance and in their neighborhood I share among ourselves and enjoy Holi.

Many people dance and sing drums, tambourines, etc., and go home and ask for Holi. Holi has its own in the villages It is fun. People dance and sing from house to house by making troupes. Poet conference somewhere in cities, poet somewhere There are conferences etc.

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