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Magha, a month in the Indian Samvatsara whose day is considered holy. In which the bitter cold does not stop people's faith. In which everyday people take a holy dip in the holy rivers and pilgrimage sites including Ganga-Yamuna before sunrise in the morning. Magha is a month which is called the eleventh lunar month and the tenth solar month of the Indian Samvatsara. Actually, this month is called the month of Magha due to the full moon with Magha Nakshatra.

Importance of Magh Month
Each date of this month is considered a festival and auspicious. Bathing in cold water is very important. Stating its importance in the Uttarakhand of Padmapuran, it has been said that even fasting, charity and penance do not please Lord Hari as much as bathing in the month of Magha. Those who bathe in the holy sites this month get heaven benefits. All their sins are cut off and they get the love of Lord Shri Hari. You can also solve your doubts by talking to the famous astrologers of India. Click on the link to consult the astrologers.

Importance of bathing in Prayagraj
In the discipline festival of Mahabharata, the description of bathing, donation, fasting and Madhava Puja of the month of Magha is described in detail. It says that on Prayagraj on the new moon day of Magh month, there is a congregation of 30 million other pilgrims. Therefore, those who take a bath in Prayagraj by fasting are free from all sins and become eligible for heaven.

Importance of charity and fasting
Mythological texts say that on this day those who donate sesame to Brahmins do not have to see hell. Those who eat at one time in this month are born in a wealthy family in the next life. Fasting on Dwadashi of this month achieves virtue similar to Rajsuya Yagya. It is believed that the Pururava, the King of Pratishtha Puri, is believed to have been liberated from his infidelity by the Magh Snan and rituals. With the suggestion of Bhrigu Rishi, Indra was also liberated from the curse of Vidyadhar and Gautama Rishi, who was the head of the Magh Snan. According to Padma Purana, bathing in Magh can destroy the epithets located in human body.

The significance of the Magh Snan is told by a legend in the Padma Purana, according to which, in ancient times, a very learned Brahmin named Subrata lived on the banks of the Narmada. Despite being a scholar, he did not do any religious work, just kept on earning money but one day someone stole his entire life's capital. Then he came to know about the impermanence of wealth and started to repent that despite being a scholar, he wasted all his life. Then he remembered a half-finished mantra whose essence was that by bathing the Magh, life can be saved. He bathed in Narmada for 9 consecutive days and died on the tenth day. It is said that till death he attained heaven and salvation.

When to bathe
The bathing of the month of Magh starts in some areas from the Dakshinayana of the Sun to Uttarayan i.e. the day of Makar Sankranti, but in most places it starts on Paush Purnima. From Pausha Purnima to the full moon day of Magh month, continuous bathing is done. But the decision has been said in the Indus that one must bathe in cold water for at least three days or one day this month. The best time to bathe is considered after hiding the stars and before sunrise. It is believed that taking a bath after sunrise does not achieve fullness.

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