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We are human, we make mistakes. We suffer because of our temptations and troubles, and even for our past life karma. While an honest approach and virtuous lifestyle should do away with most of the planetary side effects, sometimes it is not enough. However, astrological remedies should be practiced only when there is a real need. When your good planets are under male influence, remedies can help you strengthen or weaken a planet. It is like a specialist prescription based on diagnosis.

Think about the sun. Its energy can be felt through light and heat, but when you are in a closed room, you will not be able to experience it and what you are seeing is dark. You need to lift the window blinds to let the energy in. From astrological point of view, this window blind represents a male aspect of other planets on position, weakness or placement in the Sun, eclipse, enemy sign in negative houses like 6th, 8th and 12th. To open those window blinds, you need measures. Remedies can activate and reactivate a weak planet or reduce the effects of a strong male planet.

One should note that astrology is a remedy for healing, not to prevent all possible harm. Your karma appears in this life, so do not stay away from it. You also need to experience pain, learn from your mistakes and that's when true healing begins. Let it go, charity, fasting, volunteering are some effective methods but all measures should be done with a serious attitude and sense of responsibility and not as barter with God. There are now many ways and methods of healing that align with Vedic astrology principles.

Mantras are sound vibrations that are chanted together to induce planets. By chanting mantras, we not only give respect to the respective planet, but also become one with our energy. The mantra is connected to the part or cells of your body with which it eventually becomes active by forming a relationship, which is eventually made of a tatva or metal to suit that particular planet. Mantra requires the use of your mind power.

Tantra-mantras and deeds are done to free oneself from the negative effects of the planets. Tantras are actions performed for the knowledge of the soul and to do so, you need to use the power of your body, which is the body.

Yantra refers to the devices, symbols, or processes used to balance the mind and focus its energy on the concepts that the yantra displays. Instruments can have geometric patterns, with squares, circles and similar markings, and these represent some spiritual power or concept. The Sri Yantra is one of the most common instruments used in geometric patterns that represent the universe, pointing to the unity of the subject and object of the human and divine. Through the dawn of history, there are gemstones to carry the value of amulets. Navagraha concept is particularly popular in Vedic astrology. According to this, each gemstone represents a certain planet and depending on the strength or weakness of the horoscope, a gemstone is recommended to strengthen or pacify a planet.

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