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Horoscope matching plays an important role at the time of marriage. Hindu scriptures consider marriage as a sacred union even before birth. Marriage is also one of the most beautiful moments in one's life. Everyone wants a good spouse with whom they can make some beautiful memories and feel happy. This is the area where the real happiness of the person comes to an end. Where marriage is an important aspect in India, today people are very interested in searching for the right life partner. In Hinduism, the horoscope or horoscope of both boy and girl is matched to minimize any ill effects after marriage. Also, in case of any dosha, astrology provides several remedies and remedies to overcome its masculine influence.

According to Indian astrology, you can match the horoscope for marriage by your nickname or your birth sign, as both names have an effect on the life of the native, you can use either name to match the horoscope. You can, for example, if you are not matching your horoscope property with one name, then you can try it by matching the property with another name. Datars go to the Indian Hindu family astrologer for best horoscope matching or horoscope matching for marriage. So that the married couple does not fall prey to any kind of misfortune, and can happily cut off their lives. People believe that after marriage, each other's fate and misfortune affect their partner, so why not know beforehand whether their fate harmonizes well or not, hence astrological horoscope The merits of the defect are detected by matching before marriage. This horoscope matching calculator calculates the zodiac and constellation in your and your partner's name, then assesses various totals, assesses the faults of both and also reviews their defect avoidance, followed by the horoscope match making. Prepares report. According to astrology, there are 36 karmas or numerals of maximum qualities, out of which if at least 18 qualities i.e. 50% are found then the horoscope property matches are considered correct and marriage can be allowed, But Mangalik Dosh and other yogas cannot be calculated in this Ashtakoot Kundali property matching, which is necessary, you are advised to calculate it separately before marriage.

Horoscope matching detection
In Vedic astrology, the concept of horoscope matching or horoscope matching is very well known. Marriage is the sacred bond between two different entities, which brings them together for a long and healthy marital life. Different names for matchmaking are horoscope matching, guna milan, horoscope matching and compatibility, lagna melapak etc. The factors that are considered at the time of marriage are: -

Gun matching
Manglik defect
Navamsa chart

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