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Libra – रा री रू रे रो ता ती तू ते स्वामी – शुक्र

Is making very good signs for you. According to the year horoscope 2020, Venus, the lord of your zodiac sign, is sitting in the fourth position from your zodiac sign, which is making strong chances of getting domestic happiness for you. Those who have been thinking of buying a new vehicle for some time can buy their vehicle this year. You can be very lucky this year in terms of relationship in romantic life too.

This year you will work hard. Panchagrahi Yoga is also being formed in the third place with the help of your zodiac sign, which is making some successful, pleasant and memorable yatras for you this year. You will get the expected support of family members, especially younger siblings, so that you can feel very happy.

The presence of Mars in the house of money from your zodiac sign is making money for you. You can also expect to get benefits from ancestral property this year. In the last week of the initial month of the year, a big planet is visible. At this time, Saturn is changing its zodiac sign. Coming of Shani in happiness is likely to be beneficial for you. Because Saturn is coming from your zodiac center. Lord Saturn is the fifth lord and is sitting in the fourth position through swarashi, which is also auspicious for children.

On 30 March, Jupiter will enter Capricorn which is a place of happiness with your zodiac sign. There can be negative effect on the presence of low zodiac in the place of happiness, but Saturn is already sitting there, which is making this low-fractured Raja Yoga. You can get its benefits in the form of maternal pleasure, property happiness, vehicle etc.

Saturn will curve on 11 May. At this time, you may lose respect and respect. Even in the field of work, Saturn is seen. There will be a tenth vision of Saturn on your zodiac sign, which will give you a new energy. Even if you face troubles, but you can face the challenges firmly.

Jupiter will be retrograde on May 14, due to its retrograde effect, a trip to abroad is being made for you. You can also visit a religious or spiritual place with family members. Marriage totals can also be made for you. There will be an increase of might. At this time, your emotional power will also be amazing, many types of schemes can take birth in your mind.

Changes in the sign of Sagittarius on June 30 are going to be good for your luck. Due to having a sight in the profit place, you will get the money stopped and you will get good happiness from your relatives.

Your actions can be speeded up by being a Guru on 13 September. The idea that was going on in your mind for a long time, this is the time to come true. You will need to take some care from enemies. This can be your own friend. According to Libra 2020, it is advisable for you not to discuss your mind's plans with anyone more.

Rahu will be in Gemini in the beginning of the year. Due to Rahu last year, the obstacles which came in your destiny and field of work may remain this year. But after the middle of the year, as soon as Rahu changes in the month of September and if he enters Taurus, then suddenly the work will accelerate. But taking a hasty step can also be harmful for you, avoid it. Rahu of VIII is also considered harmful for some health. That is why you need to take care of your health.

Ketu will be in Sagittarius at the beginning of the year. In which Mercury, Guru, Sun and Saturn will also be together at the beginning of the year. With their effect, they will bring mixed results for you. Ketu has been considered to give sudden results anyway. That is why you have to be very careful. But in the middle of the year, from September Ketu will enter the Scorpio zodiac, which is considered to be their higher sign. Due to the arrival of Ketu in your place of wealth from your zodiac, there are sudden chances of getting wealth. You may gain in the form of secret money or ancestral property. If there is a legal dispute with the people of Kutumb for a long time, then try to resolve it at this time and you can get the sum of money and property.

On September 29, Saturn will be moving, after which the situation will improve again. You can also consult well-known astrologers from all over the country.

On 20 November, the Guru will again move to Capricorn. There can be negative effect on the presence of low zodiac in the place of happiness, but due to the presence of Saturn in the first place, Saturn is becoming a disordered Raja Yoga, which can benefit you in the form of maternal happiness, property happiness, vehicle etc. This year is expected to be successful.

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