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Virgo – टो पा पी पू ष ण ठ पे पो स्वामी – बुध

This year, you are expected to be very good in the fields of work, honor, finance etc. At the beginning of the year, the zodiac lord Mercury is wandering from your zodiac sign with Guru, Ketu, Sun, and Saturn in the fourth position. By sitting with the sun, Buddha-yoga is also being made, which is making success for you. If you are rich in karma, you will be there this year only. Virgo year horoscope 2020 is making you stronger than luck.

This means that the more hard work you do this year, the more luck will also support you, so that you will get auspicious results in every area of ​​your life. The annual horoscope 2020 is also special for you, that one year is starting on Wednesday, and the second year of the beginning of the year 2020 ascendant horoscope is also becoming of Virgo. In this sense, Mercury, who is also the lord of your zodiac sign, will also be the king of this year, so that you can consider yourself very lucky this year.

Mercury is also the owner of Karmakshetra for you and Mercury is also observing Karmabhav from the seventh point of view. Mercury's association with Jupiter indicates that you can get good success in career this year. New schemes may come in your mind. Along with Mercury and Guru, the Sun will also strengthen your self-power. So that you will continue to get its benefits throughout the year. Venus, the lord of fortune, is also strengthening your destiny. And Shani, the lord of fifth place, sits in the center, which is going to be auspicious for your education and children.

Jupiter being in the center is making Hans Mahayoga for you which is considered very fortunate. With this yoga, you will get good happiness this year from your place of happiness, from your home, from your mother's place. Those who have been thinking of buying a house for a long time, their efforts can go ahead this year, their dream of their home can be fulfilled. Jupiter is also the master of the seventh house for you, which indicates that even in domestic life, you will get good support, good support from your partner in relationship to unmarried people from your life partner. Marriage totals are also being made for unmarried castes. You can get a good life partner at this time.

Rahu being in the field of work can bring a lot of hurdles in terms of work. But in the end, you can have the sum of progress in the field. Mars, the lord of might, is present in might. Chances of increasing might are being made. You will also be able to give your love to younger siblings. You can also consult well-known astrologers from all over the country.

Saturn will change on January 24, after which you can get some good news. In fact, at the same time, the good news of Saturn, which has been on you for the last two and a half years, will also end. With the sign of Saturn in your fifth house, your respect will increase, you can get higher education, if you want to study law then you will get success, you can also move towards research work.

On 30 March, Guru is entering Capricorn where Saturn, the lord of Capricorn, is already in his own zodiac. Due to the combination of Guru and Shani, they are making lowly Raja Yoga, due to which the sum of education and progeny will also be made for you. Also, the seventh sight of the Guru falling on your higher zodiac and the ninth vision falling on your zodiac will give you good energy as well as your health will also be favorable.

On May 11, Shani will be retrograde, after which the couple planning a baby will need to take care. Students will need to focus on their studies at this time. Professionals who are proficient in their fields but do not have any type of academic degree, they can also start formal education in related professional courses. As long as Saturn will be retrograde.

The effect of the curved Saturn may be a little negative on your married life at this time because Saturn will be looking through its third sight. You can stay a little tense at this time regarding the health of your life partner.

On May 14, the Guru will also be accepted, though it is considered auspicious to have the curve of the Guru, but at this time, the influence of the Guru spreads throughout the horoscope, which gives good results but only for a short time.

On June 30, Guru will go to Sagittarius. The things which were left unfulfilled about the family can be completed at this time. This is the time when you can finalize a property deal.

On the 13th of September, as soon as the Guru's route, the vehicle of your life which was seen coming off the track will once again come on the track.

Rahu-Ketu will undergo a transformation on 23 September. Where they will come to your destiny place through action. Rahu of destiny turns the person from righteousness and also brings lack of patience. You will need to be careful at this time. Use discretion. Do not take any decision in feeling emotional. Do not make haste at all. If you are successful in doing this, then Rahu is also making a lot of work for you in luck.

At the same time, Ketu is being changed from your zodiac to the third position, which is considered to be the place of might. In this time you have to avoid differences with your younger siblings. Take care even during the journey. Overall, you will need to be cautious at this time, otherwise the saying of accidental accident may be meaningful for you. There will also be a time to increase your might. Because Ketu is often considered as fruitful as Mars and Ketu will be in the same zodiac sign of Mars. The sum of small trips will also be made for you. Work-related visits can be expected to be successful.

You will also get relief as soon as Saturn is Margi on September 29. Whatever works were deteriorating, they will be back on track.

On 20 November, Guru will again come in Capricorn. After which it can be beneficial for you in many ways. It is indicating for you that you are going to achieve a lot this year.

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